"Its a great big universe and we're all really puny.  We're just tiny little specs about the size of Mickey Rooney.  It's big and black and inky.  And we are small and dinky.  It's a big universe and you're not!!" -Yakko (Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs) 

Honestly.  How do we forget the vast vacuity of our size and affect in the universe.  The word "insignificant" is too big, even to start.  We exist in an obscure, dusty corner-somewhere in the deep "outback" of the universe.  Currently, it is too big for us to comprehend measuring.  Even with the ability to reason, many still have the unquenchable urge to try and force others to think and behave within the immeasurably smaller box of their kind.  We can observe an amazing artistic design and order in the expansive heavens beyond, yet we are unable to observe (or bridle) the proclivity of the human heart to seek control.  Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Vlad the Third, Lenin, Pol Pot wasted humanity that would not yield to their thinking.  If all the trouble in all of known history could be boiled down to one thing, it is this:  want of control.

A mystery in history, how the wisdom that has made the United States of America the most popular nation, by far, for migration in the last ...  forever  ...  is being foolishly and systematically tossed upon history's rubbish pile.  People the world over, living under brutal rule of those who wanted to control not just their actions, but their very thought, risked everything to migrate to the U.S.A.  Many left their own children and parents, never to see them again, for a chance to live in a place where they could live free.  They came from every corner of the world, bringing their culture and religion, their medicine and wisdom.  Each one added, unmistakably, to the greatest peaceful and functional collection of humanity since the Roman Empire.  There existed within the borders an agape, a great love, a respectful understanding among Americans, even amidst its greatest and most glaring flaws. Everyone was grateful, everyone was hopeful, everyone WORKED hard because they dreamed dreams, focused on them, and their dreams were achievable. 

Up until the last forty years, dreams were achievable because those in government had the wisdom and insight that motivated a motley crew of colonists to pick a fight with the most powerful nation in the world 240 years ago.  They knew their own dreams, and understood their God-given rights and abilities were to promote an atmosphere in which the people of the world coming to America could attain their dreams.  For all the injustice that has accompanied the forging of the U.S.A., there is magnified multiplicities of prevailing justices, achievements, and righteousness that has resulted.  Up until the last forty years, the leaders of U.S. chose to champion the vast goodness of America while challenging its flaws with grace and grit.  But now we have leaders who choose to turn all their attention and power onto every grievance and flaw.  Instead of loving and exhibiting grace, they feign concern for the smallest, most indolent and slothful among us, championing everything that is patently corrupt and divisive.  The goal of these leaders is no longer the promotion of goodness in all its diverse forms, but it is to use division to crush any other way of thinking, believing, and living.  Selfishness, hate, and chaos -the spirit of the age, the essence of Lucifer-is at the helm in a bid to thrash the people of the world into obedience of this "New" Order.  Its just the same old ugly want of control that has been the scourge of humanity for eons.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."  2nd Corinthians 3.17
"Beloved, let us love (agape) one another.  For everyone that loves is born of God and knows God.  He that does not love does not know God."  1st John 4.7&8

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