1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to induct into an office with suitable ceremonies
  3. 2a :  to dedicate ceremoniously :  observe formally the beginning of <inaugurate a new school>b :  to bring about the beginning of

Going through news and social feeds this morning, a few thoughts emerged in front the rest.  At the head of them is a very grim and (hopefully) disturbing one.  When I was a kid growing up in church, I remember hearing preachers talk about heretical things, dangerous things, that scared me to the core, and one of those things was the possibility of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.  I was taught this is a sin to which the blood of Jesus cannot be applied, i.e.,
N O    F O R G I V E N E S S. 
Heavy, ain't it?  No possibility of returning to a point of growth and process in God's idea of you.  No hope of Heaven.  No Divine protection.  No fellowship with the blessed saints of God. 

Reading various feeds this morning, a creeping realization that our nation, us, we the people, are standing at the threshold of the unredeemable grace of freedom.  Not our government, not the POTUS.  Us.  Stupidly, we believed we were in peril 8 years ago.  Blindly, we elected a man who promised to "save" us without taking the time to find out who he really was.  That mystery is still being revealed, but, obviously, he was a keen disruptor and divider, because we the people have not been this disrupted and divided since 1864.  We have refused to take lessons from history, and allowed aliens to flood in illegally (high on list of reasons nations fail), debt to mount so that our great-great grandchildren will be paying for us (to foreign powers-slave to the lender), we have drawn lines in the sand and stand brother against brother, friend against friend.  We don't even realize we're standing in this spot.  Yet, I'm telling it-we are, and perhaps we have already passed the point of no return.

Here's why:  we have allowed power hungry people to divide us and take away the power from we the people.  And as long as there is no meeting in the middle, there is no possibility of reconciliation.  Its not about that each side thinks its in the right.  Its about an inauguration of integrity to ourselves.  The American way has always been to apply standards equally and blindly.  That has not been our practice as of late.  The lie that we are still a "racist" country has been ground into us, and those who bite on it are the ones who stand to gain from it.  Tell yourself the truth.  Used to be if you worked hard, made a name for yourself, and lifted others up with you, you were deserving of admiration.  Now the ones who pay for everything are infamous, and the takers are vying to run the show.  "You can't legislate morality!" was a mantra trumpeted not long ago.  Strange, because now the same group demands charity legislated. Tell yourself the truth.  America, you have bitten the hand that feeds you-both taxpayers, and worse, God. 

In this trying moment, we cannot forget Who's idea we are, and Who's we really are.  Perhaps, we all need to inaugurate ourselves to Love, and to the Father of Love, once again. 

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